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How Crypto Casinos work

There are more and more online casinos which could now be called crypto casinos because they offer games based on digital currencies. Casino games, gambling games, sports betting and even spread betting are all services which are covered by the new way of doing things. The way it all actually works in practice is not much different from existing online casinos at the very heart of things. The software is still the basis on which a crypto casino is built and how well it works determines whether it becomes popular in a field crowded with competitors. Most of the most popular crypto casinos have developed their own software but smaller outfits often use versions that they rent or have purchased. These are then customised to add features, games and different types of personality to the sites.

Robo gambling

In most cases, the software runs the particular game and there is little or no human input. However, with some casino-style games such as poker where the human element is all important, the software plays the role of a dealer at the table while other human players take part. In fact, poker is the most popular game for crypto casinos, The reliance on software and robo-dealing does call into question fairness and transparency for some users. In response, most of the big crypto casinos openly discuss how the algorithms used by their software work in an effort to build trust.

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